Riddle Port

Riddle Port

Welcome to Riddle Port! City of Cyphers!

The third largest city in all Varisia, Riddleport is also the
most notorious. Once a secret pirate haven, Riddleport has
grown over the last three centuries into a port city in its
own right. At first it served as a den of piracy, but over time
the city has expanded into a true settlement, the frontier’s
frontier, the northernmost outpost on the lonely strip
known as the Lost Coast. Yet while Riddleport has grown
into a proper city, it remains true to its roots—you can get
rich quick in Riddleport if you’ve got skill and a bit of luck.
Yet, for every Riddleport success story, there are a dozen
nameless bodies buried in potters’ fields or tossed to the
hungry denizens of the sea.

Places of Interest!

Gold Goblin Gambling Hall
House of the Silken Veil
Publican House
Gas Forges
City Mortuary
Cypher Lodge
Maskyr’s Island

City Districts

Free-Coin District

Riddle Port

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