Welcome to Our Wiki!

This will host information about the campaign. Please feel free to enter in information about your character under the Character tab. Eventually, you can use the “Adventure log” tab to write an in character journal style summary of the nights events. This is a great activity for really getting into character.


Please see the Forums that I have set up for us for communicating, and additional gaming information. Be sure to check out the welcome and Rules pages under the welcome and general board at the forum. I have also be sure to check out the calendar, News board, and how to make your character. Our campaign will hopefully be starting not this Saturday, but the next. Any questions please see the forums.

Also please read The Second Darkness Pathfinder Companion and check out the forums before creating your characters back story. Please ignore anything about “Traits”. If you would like to reach me or talk character concepts, do so in the forum mentioned above.

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